Timeline with some of the highlights

16th of Ches
- Party meets for the first time at the Dancing Cyclops

17th of Ches 
- Party leaves Waterdeep through the South gate
- Party arrives at Rassalantar
- Party meets for the first time Armar Blaskos Ultraven

18th of Ches
- Party leaves Rassalantar

19th of Ches
- Party runs into Armar Blaskos Ulraven again
- Party arrives at Amphail

20th of Ches
- Party encounters adventurer priests of Chauntea, guarding the Goldenfields
- Party runs into noble Gareth Silvercloak of house Silvercloak
- Party encounters Lhammaruntosz for the first time
- Party has run in with remaining bandit
- Party camps with Lhammaruntosz

21th of Ches
- Party discovers Lance Rock, but turn tail and run to Red Larch
- Dvergar finds nearest tavern
- Melody & Nearis find Smithy, end up in wrong tavern, but later on find Dvergar & Dustin at the Swinging Sword
- Party meets matron Kaylessa for the first time

22nd of Ches
- Party departs once more to Lance Rock
- Dvergar unconscious after receiving the full brunt of the Necromancer’s wand of magic missiles
- Party defeats a Necromancer and his minions
- Dustin leaves the party and goes after the bandits from 2 days ago
- Party meets Hayleeya at the bathhouse
- Party spends the night at Swinging Sword
- Dvergar has a vision

23rd of Ches
- Party meets Imdarr for the first time at the Swinging Sword
- Party meets Constable Harburk for the first time
- Party meets Mellikho for the first time
- Party meets Minny Mandhyvver for the first time
- Party meets Stannor for the first time
- Party goes after the bandits
- Party gets lost, but luckily stumble upon bandit camp
- Party meets very briefly with Dustin
- Party captures Knuckles
- Party repurposes bandit camp to stay the night
- Party avoids contact with a band of dog-like humanoid creatures

24th of Ches
- Party meets Stannor
- Party meets Grunt for the first time
- Nearis meets Ilmeth Waelvur for the first time
- Party has another stay at The Swinging Sword

25th of Ches
- Party investigates the Tomb of Moving Stones and uncovers activities kept secret
- Party meets Kaylessa & the Constable
- Party learns about Knuckles’ escape
- Party has a long rest at the Swinging sword, during the day
- Party meets Endrith Vallivoe for the first time
- Party takes Imdarr with and goes off to investigate another Tomb
- Party put the undead ethereal guard to rest
- Party deal swiftly with an ambush by a greedy Goblin and an Ogre
- Party finds and takes with a living piglet that was seemingly captured by the Ogre
- With some minor difficulties navigating back (in heavy rain) to Red Larch, party gets ambushed by monsters springing out of the earth. The monsters attempt to grapple them and spray them with acid, but the monsters get dispatched by the party, while assisted by Imdarr.
- Finding a stone platform near the ambush site of the monsters, the party licks their wounds and take a long rest.

26th of Ches
- Nearis is accompanied by Imdarr to interrogate prisoner, who was Larrakh's follower. The prisoner talks about Feathergale spire and Sacred Stone monastery ..
- Nearis discovers his squire has taken a beating from a woman. Nearis & Dvergar have a moment with the female half-Orc, called Zomith. Before falling in a drunken stupor, they manage to learn more about the Mirabar delegation of dwarves. 
- During Nearis' & Dvergar's interaction with Zomith, Melody gains the appreciation of the bartender of The Helm at High Sun again with a great musical performance
- Melody also claims favor with Minny Mandhyvver for the party's work at the haunted tomb, receiving chicken aplenty.
- Dvergar attempts to read his book for the first time.
- Dvergar uses chitin as a hardening substance, with green powder to alter his armor; this he realised late evening, while unattended, at Haeleeya's bathhouse

27th of Ches​​​​​​​
- Party encounters Rolen for the first time at which point Rolen joins
- Town is abuzz with rumors of The believers
- Party visits Vallivoe's Sundries to learn about book written in Dwarvish illuminated script
- Party visits Tricklerock cave, exterminating some resident bat-like creatures (Stirge)
- Party gains entrance when Melody provides the reason of being recruits
- Party finds Savra Belabranta at Feathergale Spire
- Party meets Thurl Merosska for the first time
- Thurl shows interest in Nearis for his station and heritage
- A sudden announcement of a nearby Manticore on the loose makes Thurl propose the party to join the hunt


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