Princes of the Apocalypse

The Bargewright Inn was an important wayside hub for travelers of all sorts located on Jundar's Hill overlooking Ironford on the River Dessarin. The Lords of Waterdeep and the Harpers both had agents within the Bargewright as the Zhentarim were vying for control of the surrounding area. Despite these power plays the inn remained a haven for travelers from all throughout the North. The inn was fortified by Feston Bargewright after numerous attacks from bandits and brigands; this feat was accomplished with the help of several Waterdhavian merchants. 

Currently it is owned by Nalaskur Thaelond.

The party is sent to the town by Commander Dipsy Tubbias, Lala's older brother, and Commander of the Forty Swords. When the party arrive there they find there is much mischief going on at the tavern The Bargewright Inn, and some colourful characters to be met. They have to untangle a few clues to get to the bottom of it all. Who are the Cult of the Eternal Flame?


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