Princes of the Apocalypse

Items Found


Red Larch:

Letter on Larrakh

Feathergale Spire:

Shield of Heroic Memories: This perfectly round silver shield initially has a mirror finish. As a hero takes it into battle it remembers the enemies encountered, gaining a +1 to AC on any subsequent battle with creatures of that type. The events of the battle are intricately engraved onto the shield’s surface (which has a seemingly endless capacity for detail).

The bearer of the shield may also attempt to recount past battles (real or imagined) to the shield. Upon a DC 10 charisma check or DC 15 bluff check, the shield confers a +1 AC against the creatures described in the tall tales.

3 failed attempts at recounting stories cause the shield to be cleared of all of its memories. The engravings disappear. It reverts to its mirror finish. All bonuses are lost.

Wand of Flippery: This wand has the spirit an ancient trapped trickster imp inside it. When used the wand will flip the item it is pointed at upside down or back to front. As the Trickster is non-violent this cannot be used in battle or to cause physical pain to another or the wand will break. Upon using roll a D20 to determine the success of the action.

It has 3x charges per long rest.

Haunted Doll: This doll is very creepy. If its owner ever fails a third death save, the doll will take the hit instead, and will die in place of its owner.

Letter on Merrosska's desk:

Runes of unknown origin or language: x2

Rivergard Keep:


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