Princes of the Apocalypse

The adventurers found there way to a rundown church of sorts in the middle of Rivergard Keep. There were mistaken for new recruits to the Cult of the Crushing Wave and were preached to for almost 2 hours by the High Priestess. they managed to keep their mouths shut for the whole thing and she told them much about the cult that they would not have found out themselves. She also told them a whole bunch of useless information about how to be a good servant of Olhydra.

The Cult of the Crushing Wave was a cult devoted to Olhydra and one of the four cults responsible for the Elemental Evil crisis.

The water cultists were fascinated by the crushing force of the sea and the raging torrents of rivers in flood and the rock-crushing power of ice and glaciers. They believed that all living creatures were only water imprisoned involuntarily and that their duty was to brake those prisons in order to permit the seas and deep waters to reclaim those parts of themselves, usually by drowning them or shedding their blood.

Water cultists' main personality traits were patience and stoicism, like earth cultists. They knew the value of outlasting formidable foes and slowly eroding their defenses. Unlike earth cultists, however, they were more adaptable and opportunistic. The water cultists always searched for a weak point or an opening and concentrated their efforts on starting at that point to gradually enlarge it. This attitude for pragmatism and opportunism attracted to the water cult the greatest number of mercenaries out of the four elemental cults. Water cultists were always in search of treasure and loot to finance their schemes.

The start of the modern water cult was when Gar Shatterkeel recovered one of the four elemental weapons crafted centuries before by the drow archmage and Elder Elemental Eye cultist Vizeran DeVir.



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