Maker of fine magical jewelry


Level 4 AC. HP.
Class: Artificer
Race: Triton
Hair Colour: Pink
Eye Colour: Green
Skin colour: Blue
Favourite item ever made:
Weapon of choice:
Can be found:
Adventuring goals:


Zunis grew up in Pearlsea Citadel, an undersea coral castle settlement (one of the largest settlements on his native Elemental Plane of Water) – a thriving community with a strong army and vast trade links with other settlements both on land. Their settlement specialises in weaponcraft and jewellery/gemstones.

When Zunis was younger, the settlement was raided by the Sahuagin (enemies of the Tritons) and his mother was taken (and is presumed dead).

Zunis did his “national service” at age sixteen – mandatory for all Tritons – in his settlement’s army, alongside honing his craft under the tutelage of his father. He is a fast learner with natural talent and mastered his craft aged only eighteen, and he and his father are two of the most sought after in their field/trade.

Zunis was dating Jheles Ahnolvath (son of Kherves Ahnolvath, one of the settlement elders). Jheles recklessly suggested that he and Zunis should explore the nearby (and extremely dangerous) Qafats Hollows (a cave network frequented by the Sahuagin) where they were attacked and nearly killed by some rogue Sahuagin.

Kherves, blaming Zunis for the reckless behaviour, sends him to the Mortal Plane until he can prove that he has matured enough to deserve to return home.

Jheles did not stick up for him and threw him under the bus – as such, whilst Zunis still has feelings for him, he is determined to find his true love on land, and the person to give his magical item of jewellery to (that he intended for Jheles). He feels that he doesn’t belong in Pearlaea anymore.

Zunis was bullied a lot when he was younger and in the army for his pink hair. Whereas most Tritons have blue or green hair, pink is their version of ginger – or a recessive gene. He is the only one with that hair colour in the whole settlement after his mother was taken.


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