A sucker for life's finest things


Level 4 AC. HP.
Class: Sorcerer
Race: Dragonborne
Scale Colour: Gold
Eye Colour: Black
Favourite food:
Weapon of choice:
Can be found:
Favourite spell:


Always a proud member of the Daardendrian draconic clan, Nadarr wished to leave so that he could experience the outside world. He was tired of playing dragonchess, only reading about the world, and indulging endlessly in life’s noble (and slightly less noble…) pleasures. A kind, noble, wise – yet slightly aloof – character, Nadarr journeyed toward the Sumber Hills. Whilst clan ties are more important than all others, he wished to leave and explore so that he could impress upon the more ‘normal’ folk that the Draconic race are not to be feared. Any snobbery is accidental and perhaps due to his slightly sheltered upbringing.

The first town he arrived in did not treat Nadarr with the respect he expected that all folk be given and so he constructed an intriguing plan: with the use of arcane knowledge he was able to temporarily alter his appearance to resemble one of the more ‘comely’ figures he had met in the various taverns. This new face allowed him to travel more securely: it is amazing how great a difference fine, smooth skin can make to first impressions. He soon found himself signed on to escort an important delegation of nobles and he made his way to Red Larch under the guise of ‘Liliana Dandelion’: famous bard and poet of great wit.

Where will he find more of that delicious Bundt cake?


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