Larrakh [dead]

Ex-Black Earth Priest


Larrakh wass a member of the Cult of the Black Earth, and was found in Red Larch, in contact with the Believers during the Elemental Evil crisis. Defeated in the Tomb of Moving Stones by a rag-tag band of heroes.


The priest hoped to redeem himself in the eyes of his cultist masters by conquering Red Larch. His plot was to transform the Believers into a nefarious organisation and afterwards unveil and defeat them, becoming a hero in the eyes of the citizens.

Around 1491 DR, he went to Red Larch, where he began to influence the Believers into becoming more dark and evil. He was defeated by some adventurers who were investigating in the village. Larrakh was a Black Earth priest in disgrace for failing some missions.

Larrakh [dead]

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