Dr. Panthas Blackthorn

A classical wizardly scholar and linguist of great repute


Level 4
AC: 15 (w/ Mage Armour)
HP: 18
Class: Wizard (Abjurer)
Race: Human
Hair Colour: Red/brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Weapon of choice: Profanity in outsider tongues
Favourite spell: Mage Armour
Can be found: With his nose in a book
Specialist area of research: Outer Planar Linguistics


A model student throughout his academic career, following his doctorate Panthas has gone on to seek further mastery of languages – with the aim to earn a professorship in outer planar languages and enjoy the rest of his life in comfort, surrounded by adoring students and books.

He joined the Harpers as a young student, in fact was recruited in his first year at Brakebills University of Magic, Magecraft and Planar Studies as an agent once they had seen his inclinations and desire for understanding and well-applied knowledge over power. His choice to specialise in non-Prime Material tongues was related to an incident early in his career, when one of his abjuration tutors succeeded in banishing a devil through rational argument and appeal to its worse nature rather than force of magic.

His academic background has given him a careful, considered approach to problems and a desire to avoid or de-escalate conflict where possible. He has noticed that this approach is occasionally at odds with the various adventurers he has previously taken up with – and is happy to let others take the front lines while he works out a more permanent solution to whatever problem they have caused.

Dr. Panthas Blackthorn

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