Lala Tubbias

Hides in shadow whilst wearing bright yellow


Level 4 AC. HP.
Class: Rogue, thief 3 Sorcerer 1
Race: Human
Hair Colour: White/blonde
Eye Colour: Lilac
Favourite item stolen:
Weapon of choice:
Can be found:
Favourite insult:


Lala Tubbias grew up waiting tables in her mother and father’s restaurant. Their desserts were world-famous, especially Tubby custard. A strange pink pudding that warmed you as you ate. By the time she was 16 though she had grown bored of the waitress life, her siblings had all grown and left home, making a life for themselves as fighters of various traditions, and Lala wanted to join them. One Winterfest, when Dipsy had come visiting she convinced him to let her come along with him and learn the skills to become a great fighter herself. In the spring they took off across Neverwinter to join a group of swords for hire who were on the trail of a notorious gang of bandits.

She practiced her swordmanship on the road, but never quite got the hang of it. When eventually they caught up with the bandits she found she could dodge and block just fine, but could barely make the sword hit it’s target. Depressed and embarrassed she tried to sneak away from the sell-swords during the night, but Dipsy followed her and convinced her that they maybe train in the fight pits of Baldar’s Gate.

Upon arriving they signed up and were put in the bottom ranks of the competition. As they fought each component Lala realised that she was doing less and less of the actual fighting and more just dancing away from the oncoming swords. She had no thirst for this sword fighting lark, but the crowds seemed to love them all the same. One long and tiring match, about 6 months into their competition, where Dipsy was hacking away at a half-orc who just wouldn’t go down, Lala could see that the crowd was getting bored. She began dancing and doing back flips, getting up into the crowd and riling them up, throwing insults, taking insults, and noticed, that when the crowd was riled up and their focus was on the fight, it wasn’t on their purses. As she spun and weaved through the crowd her deft hands grabbed at purses and jewels. She had found her calling. She continued in this way for another 3 months, until Dipsy found out and yelled at her to stop. Lala refused, and Dipsy, disappointed left Baldar’s Gate, and Lala.

With no Dipsy to fight with her she is very quickly told to leave the fighting pits, and it is now that she becomes a full fledged rogue and thief. Unfortunately, Baldar’s Gate has quite a lot of these and as she starts to make a name for herself, she also makes enemies. In particular is Claude Tombola, a Gentlemanly Theft, who takes offence to Lala’s constant attacks on his turf. In a dangerous game of one up manship one evening wirth Claude, a year into her thieves game, she steals a artifact that shimmers and glows from an alchemists private collection. She’s not sure what it is, but knows Claude wants it and that’s reason enough to keep it on her person at all times. The takingon this item starts up a rivalry that is bigger than Lala could have imagined and soon she is left fleeing Baldar’s Gate for her life.

On the road, and alone she makes her way south to Yartar, and with some money, fine clothes and jewels stolen from patrons of inns along the way manages to fake her way into noble society. Whilst hob-nobbing with the elite she meets Nestra Ruthiol a very well to do young man. He is charmed by Lala, and soon she is invited to his manor on the outskirts of the town. At the dinner party she is unable to resist all the shiny objects that are just lying around the house, and in her greed and haste she is caught by Ruthiol trying to stuff a golden candlestick down her corset. Ruthiol is outraged, having never been so insulted by someone he considered a friend, and his guards run Lala out of town for good.

She escapes with her life, but none of her hard earned jewels and riches, and so is forced to continue on, hoping her reputation does not proceed her as she makes her way to Redlarch, and hopefully a new mark.

Lala Tubbias

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