Princes of the Apocalypse

22 Ches – 1491: Lance Rock

The rise of the undead king

The next morning, the party splits up again as they both have different business to attend before heading out. Nearis and Melody made their way towards the blacksmith for the trade. Just as they arrive at the blacksmith, they blacksmith’s wife walks out. “Why good morning!” she said recognizing Nearis. “Good morning to you too!” Nearis replied. He thought that this might be the perfect time to ask her about the disappearance of the wagons of the Thunderstaff family. “May I ask if now is a good time to inquire more information about the disappearance of the trade wagons around the neighborhood?” The woman looked up to Nearis. “I am sorry about yesterday sir. With the kids about, I was just trying to protect my family. Strange things have been happening in Red Larch lately.” She looked worried about what might happen to her family. “Not to worry, we understand that you are trying to protect your family. What kind of rumors do speak of?” Nearis asked her. “Well, the weather is acting strange, sir. And there have been sightings of people near Lance Rock.”
“I see, well, do not worry. We are on our way to investigate it. Everything will be alright” Nearis tried to console the woman. And as she continued her chores, Nearis and Melody walk in the blacksmith’s shop. The blacksmith was already working. As Nearis and Melody walked in, they heard loud clinging of a hammer smashing on metal.
“Excuse me Master Smith!” Nearis shouted out.” Eldras looked up to see Nearis and Melody and he put down his hammer and made his way to help his customers. “Yes, good morning!” he said.
“You are up early! Are you always working this much?” Nearis asked the man. “Aye, sir. All I see is my bed and my workshop. How may I be of service?” he said. Nearis shook his head understanding and respecting the smith. “I came here to trade my scimitar for a longsword.” And he took out his scimitar to hand it over to the smith. “Ah yes.” He took out a blade covered in cloth. The blade looked sturdy and well crafted. “May it serve you well!” he said while trading the longsword for the Scimitar.  He immediately inspects the scimitar as Nearis started inspecting the longsword. They both nodded in agreement of the trade. Nearis bowed and made way for Melody. “Hello, sr. I can for the short sword you were crafting for me.” She said. “Yes, that one is ready as well.” He went to the back and came back with a small chest that contained the short word. He handed it over to Melody. “There you go, miss. That’ll be 10 gold pieces.” As she is about to hand him the gold, Melody sees no sheet that suits the sword. “Is there no sheath that comes with this sword?” she asks and retracts her hand with the gold pieces. “No… you requested a sword. I made you one.” He answered. “But I request a sheath with this sword. Carrying a sword like this is just too dangerous. Do you have one that fits this sword?”. The smith grunts and goes looking for one. He comes back a few moments later with a sheath for the sword. “This one should suit it. That’ll be 15 gold pieces in total then.” Upon hearing that the smith requests 5 gp for the sheath, Melody’s voice got serious “No, that’ll be 10 total. If I buy a sword, I expect there to be a sheath with it.” The smith looked begrudgingly at Melody. After a bit of word exchange, the smith agreed to sell it for 10 gp in total.

Meanwhile, Dustin and Dvergar went on the way to get a haircut. The establishment looked very shady. The first room they were in as they entered, was like a lounge. There were a few guys with a mug in their hands. Dvergar and Dustin could both see a very thin guy cutting hair. He was a very energetic man. Dvergar and Dustin waited as the guy finished cutting. Walking in to the lounge, he greeted Dvergar and Dustin. “Why good morning, sirs! How may I be of service?” he said with a joy in his voice. “I Would like to get a haircut and have my beard braided.” Dvergar said. “The hair won’t be a problem… but braiding a beard…” he said with a slight uncertainty in his voice. “that will be 4 silver pieces in total.” Dvergar noticed the uncertainty and replied “How about I pay full price if you can braid my beard and half when you can’t?” This raised the man’s uncertainty. ”Uhm, sure. That sounds fair. I guess” the man said to Dvergar. Dvergar was guided towards a chair and Dustin made himself comfortable with a mug of ale. “Seems like yer not only a barber!” Dvergar stated as he has been handed a mug of ale himself. “That is true. Besides a barber, I provide a few other services. Serving as a tavern is one of them.” The man said smiling as he prepared to cut Dvergar’s hair. “how may I cut it? Hhe asked. “Just trim the tips that’ll do.” As the man started trimming the tips, Dvergar heard a faint “Oops, hehe…” coming from the man. He let out a faint sight and asked “Do you perhaps know more where I can find the constable?” The man looked at Dvergar with curiousity. “You can find him in his stay here in the town.” The man said. Dvergar, who was a bit curious about this constable replied with another question “what does he do? I mean what’s his function?” The man had finished trimming the hair and looks at Dvergar’s beard. “well, he is, besides the constable, a judge for local disputes and the commander of the guard. I think he is a busy man. Now to get this beard done…” The man lets out small sigh and starts braiding the beard. After a few minutes of useless tries the man yells out “There! Perfect!” and he takes up a mirror to show Dvergar. Except, he moves so quick with the mirror to cover up his fail on the beard. Dvergar got irritated and pulled the mirror from his hands and had a decent look. The beard was looking bad. It was sticking to every side and it had no clean form. As he looked up to check his hair, he noticed the marking on his forehead. He immediately realized that therefore people are pointing at him and laughing or discussing his appearance. He tried to wipe it off with his hands, but it seems that It had no effect. He grumbled a bit, readjusted his beard and stood up. “Here is your 2 sp… thank you” and he made his way outside. He had a thought of asking Melody to braid his beard as she would have knowledge on this with her hair.

As the group gathered in the center of the crossroad, they made their way to Lance Rock once more. They didn’t encounter anything on the way there and as they got there, Nearis ordered his retainers to set up camp and wait for them at the menhir. While Nearis was explaining Kildaraen and Baladir what to do, the others noticed heads of the zombies that they had slain before on the signs. They warily walked in and headed to the room on the right when entering. This was where they Returned to exit the cave next time. And Nearis’ detect good and evil immediately made him feel that there were still 3 of the skeletons he felt earlier. Nearis walks in the room straight towards a skeleton that is against the wall. He stands in front of it and examines it. Without any further ado, he takes out his sword and stabs it. The skeleton screeches at Nearis and slashes him straight on the chest, wounding him. The other skeletons wake up by the screech of the stabbed on. Dvergar, seeing the skeletons come alive, rushes towards the one going towards Nearis and attacks it. Dustin rushes over to help Nearis but slashes wide at the skeleton and misses. Melody, shooting from afar, shoots at the 3rd skeleton making its way towards the others. With her crossbow, she wounded it slightly. Nearis, swinging his sword against the skeleton that attacked him, shatters it in pieces with a strong swing. Meanwhile, Dvergar bashes the skeleton apart. Dustin rushes over to the other one and hits it quite hard. This was enough for Melody to pierce a bolt straight through its skull.



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